Monday, April 19, 2010

Daphne du Maurier Challenge Reviews

Use the link tool to post your links to your Daphne du Maurier Challenge reviews here.

The Linky Tool is no longer working. I'm sorry about that. I have all the links to the reviews up to January 2011 on my main blog in the monthly Challenge Roundup posts. If you have left a link for February, I do not have it. Please leave any reviews after February 1st in the comments section of this post.


  1. Sorry! I added my challenge post here by mistake. I saw the Mr. Linky and got excited. :)

    I added it to the challenge sign up page too. Sorry for the duplication.

  2. I have now finished the "Dreaming of Manderley" portion of the challenge--have read Rebecca; Castle Dor; & The House on the Strand (links above).

  3. Challenge complete! Have finished both "Dreaming of Manderley" and "Dame Daphne" portions. All review are up through the linky. Thanks for hosting this great challenge!

  4. Hi I just completed the "Dreaming of Manderly" portion of the challenge-I read Rebecca, My Cousin Rachael and Jamaica Inn-my thanks for motivating me to read du Maurier

  5. What a great idea!
    Re-read Rebecca a couple of years ago--so great!